What if teachers and students wrote the textbooks together?

There is no better expert on how to learn a concept than the student who has just struggled to master it. Freetext is an experiment to see if students themselves can optimize the learning experience through aggregating free educational resources into textbooks.

Get Involved

Want to contribute? You're awesome! Not sure you have time? You'd be surprised. We use a partner platform called Osmosis to make your study life much easier. All you have to do is invite your friends and together you can easily share images, links, and YouTube videos as well as create review questions. Without even realizing it, you've collected the core resources for a textbook just by studying smarter.

Free as in Freedom

The free in freetext is similar to the free in free speech. Textbooks are licensed under Creative Commons licenses (see specific book for details). This means you are free to redistribute and remix as long as you pass the same permissions onward.

Visual and Manipulable

We believe it's not enough for eTextbooks to display simply text, videos, and images. The medium is far more powerful. Freetext encourages the creation of "sims" so that readers can take a more active role in learning. If you're wondering what we mean, see the examples below. And if you think you're up for being a sim developer, contact us.